Featured Living It Up Courses and Coaching

Finding Your Direction - Online Course

A course built to allow you to take all the time you need to work through your own wants and needs. Broken down into modules, you'll finish the course with a plan of action to take the steps you need to move onto the next exciting chapter of your life.

One-to-One - Life at the Next Level Coaching

I'll work with you, one-to-one to help you not only work out what you want and what you need but help you achieve it. Includes a bi-weekly accountability call and a personalised Trello progress board.

Become a Digital Nomad - Group Coaching

Join the group coaching sessions which helps set you on the path to a world of freedom by becoming a digital nomad.
Learn how to prepare yourself with skills and practical measures to set you up for a location independent life.

Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

After a consultation, I will build an individual plan to aid you in your quest to take your business to the next level. We will work together to make you feel empowered and remove all those blocks that have held you back.

About Me

Hi, I’ve Livinia and I’m all about Living It Up!!!

Whether it’s Living it Up at home or abroad, I’m enthused about living my best life and am inspired to help others do the same!

Ready to change things up?

We all know the saying "If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got."

And it's true.

To change your life you need to change your actions. To change your actions, you need to first change where you attention is focused.

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Just what I needed to succeed

I was set upon the path that I needed to succeed and I couldn't rate the experience more highly. A top class mentor and as well as focus there was lots of laughter.


Simone De Bulgary

A helping hand and wise words

Livinia provided the help I needed to build my life so I could leave my current corporate position and setup my online business. 6 months on and my business is going well and I'm enjoying the freedom this means for myself and my family.

Josh Yeoman